How to increase Moz Rank and Moz Trust in detail in 2021.

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Here you will learn the definition and details of both the metrics.

What is Moz’s rank?

Moz Rank is a metric that analyzes the backlink’s popularity, quantity, strength, and quality of a website.

It is a metric used as an alternative to Google’s page rank to determine a website’s backlink strength.

It is used as a metric by scaling a website backlinks popularity, strength, and quality on a logarithmic scale between 0 to 10.

What is Moz trust?

Moz trust is a metric that is also about the backlinks of a website.

It can be called as other better half of Google’s page rank algorithm created by Moz.

Instead of considering the quantity and popularity of backlinks of a website,

This metric takes into consideration the quality and trust as named Moz TRUST.

You might be wondering the Moz rank also checks the quality of backlinks then why use Moz trust.

The thing with Moz trust though is that it is a little more specific in checking the quality and trust of a backlink,

Its values are based on the distance of websites that are valued as trusted which are linking to your website,

The smaller the distance and closely connected your website to a trusted website is, the, higher the Moz trust of your website will be.

This metric is used by scaling a website backlinks quality and trust based on a logarithmic scale between 0 to 10.

Differences and similarities between Moz Rank & Moz Trust.

There is a couple of difference between both metrics.

  1. Moz rank will measure the number of backlinks mostly.
  2. Moz trust will measure the quality and trust of the backlinks.

The similarities are that,

  1. Both describe backlinks.
  2. Both are based on a logarithmic scale from 0 to 10 where it is easy to score from 1 to 4 but hard to move from 5 to 9.

These are the only difference and similarities between the metrics.

How to increase Moz Trust and Moz Rank?

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Here you will learn how you can increase numbers in both the metrics and also check the results of your website.

How to increase both metrics.

Here is a quick easy to understand table on how you can increase your website numbers and values of these metrics.

Increase Moz rank.

Increase Moz trust.


Focus on building backlinks in both quality and quantity.

Get backlinks mostly Do-Follow to your root domain instead of post or page to increase the trust of the overall website.


Focus on building links from highly relevant and authoritative websites in your industry with relevance at top priority.

Get backlinks from Edu and gov websites which are highly trusted as a resource or in content like an editorial link.


Maintain natural anchor text of the backlinks instead of exact match or full of keywords stuffed as it can get you a penalty from Google.

Get backlinks from websites that are closely connected to highly trusted websites of your niche like authority websites, seed websites of Google and Gov, Edu websites to your website to increase and pass trust flow to your website.


Focus on diversification of backlink profiles from social media links, forum links, and footer links, etc.

Let your domain get old to naturally get the credibility and Increase Moz’s trust and trust from Google as well.


Internal link your highly linked pages to those which are less linked to passing link juice.

Now that you know how you can increase your website values in these metrics,

You should also know how to check them outright.

Use the following tools to check both the metrics of your website.

  1. Moonsy for Moz trust.
  2. Check Moz.
  3. Moz toolbar.

If you have the Moz keyword tool with you then you can check it in the site explorer

Will these metrics affect your website’s SEO in any way?

how to increase moz rank and moz trust

Although Google does not consider page rank now as it used to use page rank to determine a website’s ranking in Google in the past but people misused the metric to manipulate Google by hacking the metrics in their favor,

Because these metrics was a big deal and ranking factor in Google search rankings back then,

And people were misusing the metrics and spoiling the search results which lead to a bad user experience overall with incorrect results,

Google left the page rank algorithm or metric in 2016.

Google officially confirmed that they no longer have any metric or page rank or stuff like that to determine the website’s ranking on Google.

And you should also consider the fact that these metrics are created by third-party companies, not Google.

These metrics directly don’t affect your rankings or traffic acquisition from Google


There are a few things you must consider, these metrics only consider backlinks as a whole., and even today in Google’s algorithm,

Backlinks are the top 3 ranking factors.

So, if your website has a lot of high quality, authoritative websites backlinks, Your website’s ranking on Google will be affected.

That is what Moz rank calculates and measures of your website.

So Moz rank can indirectly affect website rankings in Google,

Here is the deal,

2 websites are fighting for ranking high on Google for a specific keyword. Website A has high Moz rank score than website B.

Moz rank represents the quantity and quality of links basically authority of links.

In that case, website A will rank high on Google because Google values authority links as the top ranking factor.

Let’s see what’s the case with Moz TRUST.

Even with Moz TRUST is a handy metric nowadays.

Let me explain why it is,

Google in its recent algorithm changes started giving more importance to something called EAT.

This is an acronym for Expertise Authoritativeness Trustworthiness.

In short, it is about showing the credibility of your website in the language that Google understands very well.

Google wants websites and webmasters to express their EAT because,

It wants to make sure that the information that the website has is trustworthy not just relevant to the search.

If the information contained in the website or blog is incorrect then it can harm people’s lives like if the information is related to health or investment.

In such cases, getting backlinks from high authority websites and seed websites like .gov and .edu sites are a big deal.

Because these websites are already established as the authority in their industry,

If these websites link to your website, it sends a signal to Google that the website is trustworthy as it gets a link that is an upvote from a high authority website in the industry.

This is what Moz trust calculates or measures.

So, these metrics can be really helpful and come in handy to your website rankings in Google today in 2021.

These metrics indirectly influence website rankings on Google and SEO.

Hence, it is a good practice to improve your website scores of these metrics as they can benefit your website positively in Google search.

Ending remarks.

There you go, I have answered everything related to both the metrics and how you can increase them in detail.

Do comment on what do you think about these metrics in the comments section below.

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