Do personal blogs make money? How to make money explained.

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In this blog post, you will learn whether do personal blogs make money and how to make money from a personal blog.

After reading this blog you will have complete clarity on whether or not you should start a personal blog and make money from it in 2021 and beyond.

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What are personal blogs?

Is Affiliate marketing a waste of time do personal blogs make money

Personal blogs are blogs that are written by anyone author on the Internet who shares his or her own experiences, ideas, and opinions about something through blogs.

It is like an online diary or journal kind of thing.

Do personal blogs make money?

how hard is it to have a successful blog

To be honest I don’t think personal blogs will make money.

Look if you are just writing about random stuff and talking about your own experiences and interests and,

what you did yesterday and today, You will fail in blogging because nobody is really interested in reading that except yourself.

As long as you are not a celebrity or a huge social media influencer nobody really likes to know about YOU and read your blogs if you create a personal blog.

It is the harsh truth.

If you are not writing blog posts that are targeted to specific queries that people are searching for on the Internet and in search engines.

I don’t think such types of blogs make money because to make money from blogs You need traffic and readers which is hard to get with personal blogs.

In fact, I have started my first blog on blogger as a personal blog where I shared my experiences and knowledge with people online just like a journal for more than 6 months.

But, eventually, I learned that it is the biggest blogging mistake you could ever do.

It used to be that when blogging was initially started people were using blogging like an online place to share their experiences and connect with other people online but,

eventually social media had taken over that trend of sharing experiences and connecting with others and blogging has become a more professional thing.

In most cases today people don’t use blogging or don’t visit blogs to learn about what other people are doing or learn about some particular person.

People read blogs in most cases to educate themselves and solve their problems and queries in their day-to-day life.

I am not saying that you should not share your experiences and personal stories in your blogs,

what I am saying is that whatever blogs that you publish should have the purpose of helping others.

In order to make money blogging in 2021 and beyond you need to drive traffic to your website.

And the best way to drive traffic to your website is from search engines.

And the best way to drive traffic from search engines is by creating and publishing content related to a specific topic over and over again.

While publishing content on your blog related to a topic you can include examples of your personal experiences just like how I did earlier but you should make sure that it adds value to other people’s lives and helps solve problems of people online.

In order to earn money from your blog follow the steps explained below.

  1. Start a professional blog on WordPress.
  2. Select a niche for your blog.
  3. Do the keyword research in the niche where you can find relevant topics to write blogs.
  4. Write and publish content on your website.
  5. Do SEO of your website and content.
  6. Drive traffic from SEO and social media.
  7. Monetize your blog.

This is how you can make money blogging in 2021 and beyond.

How to make money from a personal blog?

why start a food blog

There are four major ways you can earn money from your personal blog, let’s take a look at those ways in detail.

1. Show Ads and make money.

Showing ads and earning money is the best way to earn money through your personal blog.

This is the perfect passive income stream for bloggers.

All you have to do is to drive traffic to your Blog by publishing and promoting content on your website.

When you have a decent amount of traffic let’s say, 10000 visitors a month.

You can partner with premium AD networks like Ezoic or Google AdSense and make money.

Your earnings will be dependent upon two factors:

  • CPC- cost per click of your ads.
  • CPM- cost per every thousand views on ads.

Although the CPC value depends and varies upon every niche, the average cpm is around $12.

In order to earn money through ads you need to make sure that you follow the Google ad guidelines, depending upon the niche that you are writing on and the location of the traffic, your earnings will be decided.

2. Affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketing

Another popular way of monetizing a personal blog is through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is all about recommending products to other people and earning money as a Commission for making those sales.

Depending upon your niche and your audience characteristics,

you can sell any relevant product in your industry by joining popular affiliate networks like Amazon Associates and Shareasale and promote that product if it is helpful and solves a problem of your audience in your blogs and social media.

Whenever people visit your blog, and read product reviews in your blog and click on the affiliate link and buy the product within a limited amount of time you make a Commission.

This is the basic model of Affiliate Marketing.

Further resources;

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You can learn more about how to drive traffic to your affiliate marketing website consistently.

3. Sponsored posts.

digital marketing vs network marketing

This is another popular way of making money through your blog.

All you need to do is to accept and publish sponsored post and content on your website and sometimes you would be asked to link back to the company website within the post.

Sponsored post has been a great way of monetizing your blog since 2015 if you have a decent audience targeted to a specific industry because,

According to statista, in 2019, 25 percent of internet users were using Adblockers on connected devices.

25 percentage is a huge number.

And all the popular brands have recognized the fact that these social media ads and ads they run on other websites are not effective.

Now, they have started investing money in publishing sponsored content on websites directly.

These are ads but not like the popup and annoying ads that are displayed on the website but they are in the form of written content that cannot be blocked by an adblocker.

Because of the fact that 77 percent of internet users read blogs.

Publishing sponsored content is a great way to monetize a blog for both publishers and for brands.

Publishers like bloggers will get money for accepting such content on their website and big companies and brands will get some engagement to their product and brand from the Audience through sponsored content.

It is a perfect win-win situation and it is like influencer marketing.

Now in order to publish sponsored content,

you either have to reach and contact any brand related to your industry and let them know that you have decent traffic and you can pitch them for publishing sponsored content or

if you have a bigger Blog with a wider audience and traffic potential than other big brands will want to collaborate with you for publishing sponsored content on your website so that their brand can get them engaged.

Apart from this, you can connect with other networks like flyout which helps publishers with brands and make it easy for publishing sponsored content and making money.

4. Sell Products and services.

Depending upon your audience characteristics and your niche of your blog, you can sell any physical or digital products to your audience.

In terms of physical products, you can sell things like t-shirts or any Merchandise stuff, whereas in digital products you can sell ebooks and courses.

If you don’t want to sell any product which is usually for a one-time fee and lifetime access,

you can create a membership website where you can give premium content Access for your audience based on monthly subscription plans like many news blogs do like the New York Times and Washington Post.

Here it is quite different from selling products but,

you are still selling your content as a product for a monthly subscription but not as lifetime access because they need to keep on renewing the subscription plan to be able to access your premium content.

Apart from selling products,

you can also sell your services depending upon your niche, for example,

if you blog about freelance writing then you can offer content writing services to your audience or if you have a blog about SEO you can offer SEO Services.

You get the point.

Depending upon your niche and your audience interest you need to figure out,

how you can sell the products and services but remember that,

you need to solve the important problem of your audience’s life with your product and service which they cannot solve themselves easily and efficiently.

You can use email marketing to convert your website, visitors, into potential customers.

After you build the email list of your audience you can pitch them sales and offers of your product and courses and sell them stuff.

You can learn more about email marketing here.

These are all the popular ways to make money from your personal blog.

Let’s conclude the blog post.

Ending remarks;

These are all the things you need to know about whether personal blogs make money and how to make money with your personal blog in 2021.

Do comment down on what do you think about a personal blog and whether you’re starting a personal blog or not or which monetization strategy you would choose to make money from your blog.

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