Ultimate guide on how to select the best topic for blogging in [2020]

I personally believe, the first step in deciding to start a blog is not creating a blog but actually identifying the niche you really want to blog about.

It sounds crazy so be it, and I understand finding the right niche is not that easy but if you crack it, the rest of the blogging journey is easy.

In this blog, I will help you out how exactly YOU can identify your best topic for blogging, your niche, on the basis of 5 factors which I will later talk about it in detail.

Besides that, I will also give a list of 55 blog topics list which are high demand blog topics.

Blogging today appears to be a very competitive field and the majority of people who get into that would quit gradually due to no results to be appearing initially as they blog as it is mainly because they were/are in the wrong niche.

Earning money should never be the first priority in blogging, you must enjoy the process in blogging and that will only happen if you be in the right niche.

If you choose money as an ultimate priority, you might get hurt as I will share some important details and facts meanwhile as you read the blog.

I guarantee you, as you complete the blog, all your queries related to finding the best topic for blogging is answered with facts.

Without a due, let’s get started.

Best blog niches 2020.

This is an infographics on 55 best and high demand blog topics in 2020.

infographic of best topics for blogging

5 factors in selecting the best topic for blogging.

Before anything else, let’s look at exactly what are those 5 steps you need to follow to filter down from the ideas I mentioned earlier and with your interests to which best topic for blogging you should start working on.

  1. Interest
  2. Value
  3. Future
  4. Audience
  5. Affiliate marketing potential.

The 5th one is optional and because you should be looking at blogging as a business, hence earning is the most important thing in any business, therefore among all possible ways a blogger earns money through his blogs, affiliate marketing is the best one.

We will discuss more it later but without due let’s get started finding your best topic for blogging.

1. Interest.

brainstrom in niche selection in blogging for beginners

This is the first and most important factor in blogging.

Why interest matters a lot?

Let me explain, Our blog is about business and self-improvement related articles as we decided to blog in that niche, we were interested in knowing about business and startup ideas and in self-improvement, we were passionate to talk and debate and discuss that topic for hours and hours.

It was more of an interest that was there within us, we often search and read articles about business and self-improvement whenever we have a chance to do.

Everything is fine till here, You must agree with me to the fact that blogging is a super competitive field, and it’s a long journey to be a successful blogger.

I want to talk from a basic level, we all want to rank in top positions on google because we want traffic through which we can generate leads, earn, and grow our blog.

In that case, because the blog you published, is a brand new and you will have so many obstacles to face in terms of traffic and no earning, etc.

It is not me who is saying, google’s developers say that, google’s algorithm is built in a way that new websites ranking will fluctuate a lot in the first year of that blog.

Read the article here.

On top of that, as per Neil Patel, it takes around an average of 650 days for a blog to rank in 10th position of google, that’s terrific.

In that case, even if you have put so much effort in writing the article on the topic you do not find interest in and promoting it and building links like you have done your best to rank to that keyword in top positions but you will not rank due to google’s algorithm and you will get discouraged and in most of the cases you would come to a conclusion of quitting blogging.

This happens in the majority of the bloggers, that is why you see, a very small percentage of people succeed in blogging TODAY.

It’s about interest.

You should be interested in writing articles.

Now the questions arise, how should I identify the topic that I am really interested in.

Well there are many ways, such as’

  • Brainstorm and list down the topics which you are really interested in knowing more about it
  • Any topic you can talk to your friend for hours or debate and discuss in a group for long and long.
  • Any topic you are very curious to know and understand.
  • About any topic, you often search in google to feed the hunger of your curiosity.
  • Any topic that you have knowledge and confidence about it.

This is how you select the topic you are really interested in.

Action step- Take a pen and paper, brainstorm, and think and evaluate with the factors I have mentioned earlier.

You can choose to take ideas from the top 55 niches I have mentioned earlier to get more ideas.

You will come down to a list of 3-4 topics.

I have mentioned earlier that blogging is the best online business idea you can start in 2020.

Blogging is a business, that means the business cannot be run only on the interests of the one who started, isn’t it?

Let move to the next factors and filter down the topics based on that.

2. Value.

There is no mistake in blogging about yourself as a diary or journal, as a matter of fact, if you switched to blogging thinking in terms of a journal, it’s fine, but if you want to earn a living through blogging, you need to change your mindset from journal to a business.

No one is really interested in knowing your daily life and reading your journal, at least if you are a celebrity or a public figure, no one will be searching for you on google.

This point is very important because you need to think of blogging as a serious business.

Not just that, you have followed the interest step very clearly and filtered down the topics you are interested in as 3-4.


It can also be seen as a demand for a niche in the market.

It is stupid selling chicken curries in the place where only vegetarian curries are eaten.

Enough examples now, let me come to the point, you need to know what is the trend of the topic you have filtered down at present.

You can use Google trends to find out the trend of any topic, for example you have listed down topics like

  1. Food.
  2. Space.
  3. self-improvement.


Now as you know which topic is in trend now and which one is not.

Action step- Go to Google trends and search your topic filtering the place and time to see it’s demand and trend in the world.

Eliminate the one which is not in trend which means nobody are searching and caring about it and it is useless to write about it, then.

3. Future.

Whatever niche you are blogging about, even if it has a good trend and demand now but what about the future of it.

To understand this, let’s look at the best example which is coronavirus or COVID 19.


You might argue that COVID 19 is the most trending topic right now, and you want to blog about it because the demand is huge.


But, will the topic and the niche will stay relevant in the next year.

Will people continue searching and knowing about COVID 19 in the coming years.

The vaccine is expected to be made very soon by now mostly within the next year.

People will eventually forget about the virus and be busy in their lives, isn’t it?

You have worked so long and so hard, writing each article, building links, investing a lot of your time and effort, and at the end of the day, your site is next to zero because people do not give a damn about coronavirus anymore now.

Not just COVID, any trending topic will stay trending only for a limited amount of time, it is not there for a long time.

Trending list changes on social media platforms almost daily.

Apart from tending topics, there are many other fields and topics that will disappear in the future and many new things will come up.

Action step- Ask yourself while evaluating the topic like 3 years from now will people still read the article in search engines and is the subject going to stay relevant then also.

4. Audience.


Understand your audience and what are their problems and what is the solution you can come up with to solve their problems.

With every article, you write you must solve the problem of your audience that they would share with their family and friends to read the content.

How you can know your target audience and their pain points

For example, In our case, our blog is about business and self-improvement related articles and we assume our target audience is those who have these traits.

  1. They want to improve their lives.
  2. They want to get ahead of their lives
  3. They are interested in starting a business and be their own boss.
  4. They are hard-working people.
  5. They have a problem which I have to solve in the best possible manner.

You will have to assume what kind of person is he who is searching for your topic on google and interested in that topic.

You will know about it while doing the keyword research for the articles.

Action step- Ask yourself ”why would anyone read and share your article with their family and friends?”

You must be able to meet with the expectation of your audience who have landed on your site, searching for the query you have written about and solve their problems with the most relevant and useful data out there possible.

Not just you, even Google wants to serve the best quality to its customers on the table that is why Google succeeded and Yahoo failed.

If you get a topic that matches all these factors then congratulations you got the best topic for blogging.

5. Affiliate marketing scope.

This is the additional factor in choosing the best topic for blogging.

Those who want to maximize the earning in blogging, the best and most reliable source among all ways of earning in blogging is affiliate marketing.

Before getting into details of it, simple question,


The product does not necessarily need to be the hard physical product it could be an ebook or it could be a service or anything which can be sold as a solution for the audience’s pain point.

Did not get that, let’s look at an example.

For instance, my niche is blogging and digital marketing.

In an article I write for instance about beginners’ guide to blogging, in that case, I can recommend web hosting services like Bluehost or siteground, etc.

I can recommend my users to buy an ebook on SEO in my article as a solution for their pain point.

Basically, Affiliate marketing is recommending any product on your blog or site using an affiliate link which directs to any e-commerce store like Amazon and if anyone

purchases the product through my affiliate link on my site, I will get a commission of some percentage in that sale from the manufacturer because the customer has purchased the product from my link on my site.

If your topic is about Indian festivals, tell me what product you can recommend on your blog to be purchased as a solution for your users.

This thing is not mandatory, but you cannot afford to neglect this factor if you want to maximize the earning potential in blogging.

Context- Let’s look at some mistakes and tips beginners do while both selecting the best topic for blogging as well as writing the articles on your blog.

5 Mistakes you do while selecting a topic for blogging.

1. Controversial niche.

As you continue publishing good quality content on your blog, with time more people will visit your site, more brains will start getting interacted on your site through comments and you will be popularised eventually.


If you choose topics like religion and politics which fall on the controversial topics and if you publish your blogs on that, there will be people who might not agree with your point of view.

There will be strong opposing views you will have to face if you make some mistake or put your point in a wrong way, there would be personal attacks largely.

Other than having bad user interaction on your site there are chances of an increase in bounce rate and affect SEO because nobody likes to have controversy.

Even though if you choose to select the one you must be prepared for its outcomes and rules and regulations of the place you are loving in.

Lesson- Most of the time choose not to select controversial niches, if not be prepared for the consequences.

2. Business model.

You know which direction to head towards but if you don’t have any weapons to fight with there are very few chances of you winning the battle.

Blogging is a business, we know that.

Most important in any business is a strategy and business model on which business is going to run.

Similarly, if you do not have any business plan and model for your blogging even if you have a niche you would not succeed in blogging.

What exactly am I talking about?

Well, what I am saying is how will you be beating the existing sites that are there in your niche.

What strategy you will use to outrank the existing competitors of your niche.

How you are going to get the traffic from their sites to yours.

All these things come under having a strong business strategy and business model.

Lesson-  Having a business model is equal to having the weapons ready to get into the battle.

3. Quantity over quality.

It is a staggering figure that the number of blogs that are there on the internet is around 4.4 million blogs are published every day in march 2019 as per tech jury.

As per some survey, near to 70% of the blogs don’t get any external links pointing to their site s=which are also called backlinks which as a super important factor in ranking in Google SERPs.

Your blog will be in many blogs which will get disappeared in a large number of blogs that are getting published every day.

In order to stand out from the majority, you have only option to focus on quality

What do I mean by quality then?

Quality is making your blog unique and relevant information in easy to digest manner and solves the queries of the user.

You can include 

  1. Ultimate guides
  2. Case studies
  3. Infographics
  4. Personal experience
  5. Statistics and facts
  6. how-to guides
  7. Long-form of content.

There are many ways other than these through which you can making quality content stand out from the majority, click here.

Ultimately quality content is always a king because the quantity is there everywhere in huge number but not all of them are of equal value.

Lesson- Quality is more important than the quantity of content today.

4. Competition matters.

When you are selecting the best topic for blogging niche and finding keywords you will have to focus on keyword difficulty and search volume, if you find keywords with very very less difficulty it does not necessarily mean you should be targeting that, it might also mean NOBODY CARES THAT KEYWORD.

If you are the only alone person in the area working you should not be there, why not think nobody cares about this area because DEMAND AND COMPETITION ARE DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL.

Lesson- It is not always that if you find keywords with less or no competition means you should blindly target that keyword, why not think nobody cares that, do your research properly and see what kind of results and ranking on that keyword in google.

5. Targeting wrong keyword intent while keyword research.

The other reason why you should not solely focus on keywords, it is about keyword intent as well.

For example, you have a keyword like WhatsApp login.

You should know what is the motive of the user behind typing the keyword in google, is he going to read any content or does he want to get to somewhere or does he want to buy something.

In this case, Whatsapp login.

Ubersuggest screenshot.

The keyword intent is navigational which means the user wants to log in to WhatsApp in a computer or anywhere but he does not interested in reading an article.

In that case, if you write a blog of 2000 words, it is wasted, nobody reads that.

Even the difficulty id less and volume is more, it is stupid to write content targeting those keywords and wasting your time.

Lesson-  Always know and keep in mind the intention of the user while typing the keyword in search engines. what does he want by typing that keyword?

5 Tips for selecting the best topic for blogging.

1. It should not be about you, focus on your audience.

Every blog post you write and publish should not be confined to your interests and your experience it must also align with your company goals and give the solution for your audience pain point.

2. Direct your audience with some actionable steps.

You should not only just write blogs with theoretical content it must contain some actionable steps which help your audience give some direction as of what to do next with the knowledge you have given.

Instead of just writing vague ideas, mention some appropriate actionable steps to be followed by your audience.

3. Narrow down to a very specific niche.

You should not try to acquire all the traffic with writing blogs on a wide variety of keywords and topics, you should probably choose to narrow down to a specific topic like in marketing there are different sub-topics like content marketing, digital marketing, video marketing, and affiliate marketing, these are just examples but what I mean is that you should narrow down to a very very specific niche where you can target a very specific group of people and capitalize of them through different earning potential in blogging.

4. Choose a niche you really like researching and knowing about it thoroughly.

Blogging in true sense means writing unique articles that solve users’ queries searching in google, While writing articles you should be doing hell lot of research to get into details of every blog you are about to write.

You should really enjoy the process of blogging which is reading different articles for more information about that topic and researching it deeply, you should not look at it as a burden but as a self-improvement process, the moment you start looking blogging as a burden it might be because of the topic you choose you to do not like you would be quitting soon.

Blogging is not just about writing an article but about expanding your knowledge on the topics and improving your language.

5. It is not about writing it is about talking.

You see the most important thing in blogging is undoubtedly writing articles, publishing, and promoting it but it is not search engine s which are robots who are going to read, it is the audience and users who search on Google or any other search engine, they will read that.

Ultimately they are also humans like you, you should be not blogging as though you are speaking to some official in authority, you should be blogging in a way that as though you are explaining a solution to the keyword you are targeting to your friend.

If your blog is not reader-friendly and reader engaging, you will not be successful.

Read for more of such mistakes of new bloggers here.


How do I start blogging?

Well, The first step in starting a blog is not actually starting a blog rather selecting a niche that matches the factors I mentioned earlier.

Read the detailed guide of blogging for beginners in 2020.

How do you start a blog for free?

There is google’s free blogging platform which is called blogger, you just need a Gmail account to get started, it is a totally free blogging platform for all.

Single vs general which niche is good for blogging?

Think of it this way, if you signed in a blog using your email and you will be getting an email and notification to every blog being published by the author.

In a single blog like in a niche of blogging, you would be expecting to get updates of posts related to blogging, digital marketing, and SEO and you will get that.

But in a general niche and in blog, if you sign in the blog, you would get a notification about blogging today and food recipes tomorrow which is a little annoying.

There are many things to consider in a single vs a general blog, read here for more details.

The other reason is that you cannot acquire all the traffic from all the keywords to your blog.

If you want to start a blog on the general niche you should rethink and evaluate the decision twice because google’s algorithm has evolved a lot, there are many changes like hummingbird which happened in its algorithm which basically means and what google thinks is that if you focus on a single niche you might be having good knowledge and expertise and the chances of getting an authority in that niche to your blog also grows which is opposite to being in a general niche.

You cannot do affiliate marketing because you are getting only general traffic, not a targetted group of traffic.

You cannot guarantee yourself that your audience and readers will like your other posts on another topic which is irrelevant to what you have written previously.

Read for more details on a single topic vs multiple topics in blogging.

What are the most read blogs?

There are many blogs but leading among many Huffington posts is the top most-read blog, read for topmost read blogs.

What makes a good blog?

There are many things such as,

  1. Quality content as we all know.
  2. Well, structured content.
  3. Consistency of publishing.
  4. Uniqueness.
  5. Working on a niche not general.
  6. Reader friendliness content.
  7. Detail-oriented.

Ending remarks.

There you go I have promised of answering all your queries related to finding the best topic for blogging till the end of the blog and I believe I did it.

Read our blog on how to start a blog from scratch in 2020.

Please share our blog with your family and friends if you found it even 1% helpful.

Follow the steps i mentioned and i guarantee you will definitely identify your best topic for blogging.

Until next time, good luck.

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